Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cause You Had a Bad Day...

So, yesterday was going OK, until I picked my son up from school and asked him if he had any homework, no he didn't, but he told me he had a "Character Report" from school. He apparently pushed some girl down (his version of events is that they were pushing each other and she fell down--I believe it--I'd like to push this girl too). His punishment was no TV for the night and hot lunch for the following day (goulash=gross). He was just kind of hanging around the house, looking forlorn, like he just didn't know what to do. Not my problem, I'm certainly not going to reward him by playing something with him.

I was getting ready to watch the Justin Timberlake concert on HBO (which I have been waiting for for a VERY long time)...when my phone rings. It's my friend Shaun. It's the kind of conversation I can't have with little bored ears listening, so I go outside to talk on the phone. As I'm talking, William decides to come outside and play because he's SOOOOO bored. After I wrapped things up on the phone, it's time to go inside.....and.....wait for it.....the door is locked. I have an OLD door, the kind that just locks when you shut it. Back door, that's locked too, remember I was going to watch JT, I was secure in my home. Oh snap! Normally, my parent's would have the keys to my house, but remember, I changed the locks the other day--smart girl!!! I had a friend come get me, go to my parents, hoping they'd have the keys to my front door, but, no dice! I grabbed a phone book, called a locksmith and like an Angel of God, he arrived 15 minutes later!

Now, I haven't told you about my back porch. There seems to be some sort of rodent problem, shrews or something. There was a dead rodent on my porch from Wednesday to Monday because I'm deathly afraid of rodents and no one wanted the privilege of removing this thing. By Sunday, this thing stunk to high hell. Gross, gross, grosser. So I've opened the windows on the porch, sprayed Fabreeze, however, there's still a hint of dead rodent on the porch, which is where we waited while the locksmith tried to open the door, because, by now, it's dark and we are being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

I'm making small talk with the locksmith, saying, "We really need all of our stuff in the house, I can't go to work like this!" And my son pipes in, "Yeah, with no bra on!" Nice!

20 minutes and $45 later, we were back in our house! My date with Justin was back on, and oh, did Justin deliver! That's the only thing that could make that kind of day seem insignificant!

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