Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Who Knew Spending Time in the Sun Can Burn Your Skin?

I spent Saturday at "Iowa's Super Bowl", the annual match-up between the University of Iowa and Iowa State University. I have no preference for either team...I just went to have a few drinks and enjoy time with my friends.

This required waking up at 5:00 am, drinking at 6:30 am, using the most disgusting Port-a-Potties I've EVER had the distinct pleasure of using, and wearing tennis shoes. Guess what happens when you wear tennis shoes...you don't fall!!! I figured I'd have between 1-5 injuries to report, however, not a single one! My friend Hannah knew we could have trouble and encouraged the tennis shoes (as opposed to the wedge boots) and also let me know when there was a curb or something I could potentially fall over. Thanks, Hannah!

However, the day was not without incident. With the temperature at about 65, I didn't figure I needed to wear sunscreen. I am stupid. My face and scalp are RED. But the kicker is, remember how I had no preference for either team, I was wearing an Iowa Hawkeyes tattoo on one cheek and an Iowa State Cyclones tattoo on the other cheek. Now I have white areas on my cheeks in those shapes. I look awesome. Not to mention the fact that my face is flaking everywhere. Gross.


hannah said...

Holy crap your skin is peeling, who knew? I totally forgot to acknowledge that you did not fall down! Good job girl! Maybe you should wear sneakers all the time...but then you wouldn't have the funny stories to go with it!

Becky Bec said...

Oh no...when they make tennis shoes with heels, that's when I'll make the switch. I can't have the world knowing how short and stubby I actually am!!