Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Few Things on My Mind

*The British have such a better way of saying things than we do. For instance: "This is balderdash, complete and utter rubbish!" American translation, "Man, that's bullshit...what the fuck!" Some other British English phrases or words that are way better than American English.
nappy = diapers
rubbish bin = trash can
boot = trunk (car trunk that is)
Not to mention the fact that they sound more intelligent than we do.

*I saw a car today that had painted on the window "Pray for 9/11 familys". Nice sentiment, however, you misspelled families.

*Often times, when I'm driving, it feels like I'm the only one that has somewhere to be. Every one's taking their sweet time, driving their Buicks. I mean no harm to these people, but they need to get out of my way. Many drivers are very selfish. I'm very aware of who's around me and try to be as accommodating as possible.

*Do you have to have a strange name to be on the Real World? This year we have, Cohutta, Shavoun, Dunbar. In the past we've had Karamo, Kaia, Teck, Arissa, Alton, Irulan, Trishelle, Brynn, Flora, Elka, Montana, and Genesis. What happened to Norm, Kevin, Julie, Becky, Heather, Eric, and Andre? I guess people with strange names are more apt to be characters, thus being cast on reality television. That is my scientific opinion.

I feel a little better now.

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