Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sometimes It's Gonna Rain

Today William is going on a field trip with Hartman Reserve Nature Preserve. They are going to Prairie City, which is roughly 2 hours south of us. I was super nervous last night, just thinking about what if he has to go to the bathroom, will they watch him at one of those gross gas stations like I would? I was very, very nervous. So, I didn't plan for the deluge that hit us on our way into the nature preserve.

We were running a little late, like we always do, trying to find this nature preserve that's tucked away behind several neighborhoods. William kept saying to me, "Look for a hill. I know there's a hill there." With that helpful information, I finally found the place. We stop at the first building, "Nope, you have to go down the trail." By this time, it is pouring like crazy and my umbrella is pretty much useless. I'm trying to protect the Nintendo DS in his backpack, completely ignoring William. We're walking down the trail, just as a car drives by us (apparently we could have driven down the trail....), and I look over at William who is completely drenched....as if I had thrown him in a river. We get to the nature center and the guides are looking at the shivering little puppy in front of them. I look around at all the other kids, who are totally dry, and wonder if they got there before the rain started or if there moms were much smarter than me. The guides say they will go through the lost and found to find him some clothes (P.S. who leaves a shirt and/or shorts behind?), but all I could ask about was, "If he has to go to the bathroom, you'll keep an eye on him at a gas station, right?" They laughed and said of course, which made me feel stupid and better at the same time.

As I was driving home to change my clothes, all I could think of was my poor little muffin sitting there in wet clothes, socks, shoes, etc. I should have packed an extra set of clothes. I wonder if he remembered to grab his backpack and lunch box. It's going to be a long day of worrying....

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Annie said...

Could NOT be happier you are blogging again!