Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Hot Dog Problem

I took William to our local waterpark last Friday, as I was off for the 4th. We had a blast and around 3:00 we thought it was snack time, so we headed over to the snack area (I recommend putting your flip flops on) and stood in line to fill our tummies. First of all, they don't have Diet Coke, they have Diet Rite. I said "Ewwwww" and the cashier said "Sorry" very sincerely. William got some shaved ice and I decided a hot dog sounded good. For those of you who know me, I try to avoid pork at all costs, but a hot dog just sounded good. I ate the hot dog and went on about my day. By nightfall, I was totally dizzy and sick. While I never actually barfed, the thought of "hds", as I'm now calling them, makes me sooooo nauseous. Even as I'm writing this, I'm feeling sick.

So, do you think I could avoid hds? Nope. On Bridezillas, all the one girl could talk about....hds. On the Bachelorette, hds. On the radio, "You've seen the professionals eat hds, now it's your turn!" On an old movie, I just happened to want to watch again, Fools Rush In, hds. They're everywhere. I'm going to a baseball game this weekend, I bet I'll hear the words or see the food itself. That will probably put me over the edge.

The madness must stop.

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thefuturemissus said...

We need to kick that pork phobia. I hope you didn't get sick after I made that pancetta strata!