Monday, November 5, 2007

The Proper Feeding of Children

I once read a quote from Melania Trump that said (about her newborn son): "I don't feed him because I have to, I feed him because I want to." That is the exact opposite of how I feel.

I took two days off to be with my son when he was off of school Thursday and Friday. We were supposed to go to St. Louis, but when those plans fell through, we ended up staying home for four days of togetherness. My least favorite part of spending time with my son, is that he requires to eat at least three times a day. I could easily go without eating either breakfast or lunch, but he always wants both. Plus, when it's four days in a row, you can't exactly go to McDonald's or BK for every meal. In addition, he doesn't like to eat most of what I like to eat (probably my fault).

We need a Mom.

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