Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Love New York

I have a guilty pleasure, and it's called I Love New York on VH1. This is the woman, New York (aka Tiffany Pollard), is searching for love in a sea of men who are most likely actors. Now, New York is a woman that was originally on the Flavor of Love, but apparently wasn't good enough for Flavor Flav (who hooked up with Brigette Neilsen).

This season of I Love New York has been top notch. There was a midget, a "spit" fight, ghosts, toe sucking, snitching, and anything else you could want on a reality dating show. It's not even a guilty pleasure anymore, it's just something I'm proud to admit that I watch.

I am, however, not proud that New York (Tiffany) and I are more alike than I'd like to admit. This realization came when I saw the previews for a new episode where her suitors have to cook her a meal and she says, "He combined two of my favorite things in the whole world, ranch and vodka." Hold up, New York, those are two of my favorite things. I began to think of other ways New York and I are alike: we both like low cut shirts, we both can't find love, we like big strong black men. I feel like she's my sister from another mister.

If you've seen this show, you're probably lowering your head and shaking it with disappointment. That's OK, I'm OK with it!

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