Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Most Embarassing Fall Ever

It happened over this Thanksgiving weekend, it seemed like all was going well, and then, it happened. I'll set the scene for you:

My cousin Phil's basketball game just ended. I'd left from work and traveled to Rockford, IL to the game, so I still had my adorable high heels on from work. I made it through the whole game, climbing up and down the bleachers a couple times, but with assistance, I made it. That was, until the game was over. I'm climbing down the bleachers and the next thing you know, I've tumbled, rolled, and fallen down 3 or 4 rows of bleachers. Also, I'm missing a shoe. Although the gym had mostly cleared out, my family was still there. We're talking cousins, uncles, my sister, my parents, my grandparents. When I realized what happened, I heard this girl, 10-years-old or so, saying, "Oh my God, I tripped her!" I told her she didn't, but then I led everyone to believe that she did (they didn't believe me).

So, this was a good laugh for the moment, which I thought would end. Normally, when I fall, there's usually only a few people I know around me, and they usually let it go. Not my family. All Thanksgiving weekend they'd make little comments. I deserved whatever they would throw at me, though.

My footwear is almost always inappropriate and the root of most of my problems, but it's worth it!

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