Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Been A While

Sorry it's been soooooo long since I've posted.  I suppose I got wrapped up in the holidays and my busy little existence.  Here's what's been happening since we last met:

Hi, My Name's William, and I'm Psychic
My soon-to-be seven-year-old son informed me recently that he is psychic.  He did not use those words, but he told me that in fact he dreams stuff, and the next day it happens.  That's what I call psychic!  I had NO idea my son had such a gift.  I will be supportive of said gift until he comes up with a better one.  Last night, I asked him how the dreams were going, what was going to happen, etc., and he informed me that it's very difficult to  have dreams about the future when you have a cold.  Very true.  

We've Had  Game Named After Us!!!!
My friend's sweet little two-year-old boy likes to play a game called Rebecca and William.  And it does not include one yelling obscenities at the other, interestingly enough.  So, my friend and her two-year-old play Rebecca and William, doing various tasks.  I have been forever immortalized!  I have never been happier!

I Turned 30
Well, the world didn't end when I turned 30.  The world barely even noticed.  I have lovely friends, all of whom called me and/or sent cards.  I've learned a few things in my short time on this earth and I'd like to wax a little philosophy on you:
  • I cannot read anyone's mind, nor should I expect people to read mine (except for my psychic son)
  • I do not hold people to a higher standard than I hold myself (for instance, if I don't return phone calls, I shouldn't expect others to return mine)
So I guess that's what I know about life to this point.  I thought there'd be more, but when people are talking to me constantly while I'm writing this blog, it's hard to remember stuff.

That's all for now.  Once people leave me alone, I'll be able to write more.

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