Monday, November 12, 2007

Never Underestimate Me Again

This weekend's home improvement project was a big one. I was going to paint the living room AND remove the carpet. With a couple days of prep, the painting was a breeze. Big ups to my friend Annie who came to help, I will be forever indebted.

Then came the carpet removal. I tricked my dad into coming over to "check out how the painting went" and then enlisted his help. Once he got me started and Annie left, I had a large room's worth of carpet to remove. By myself. And you know what, I did it! I only have a few dozen scrapes, cuts, and bruises, but considering I used hammers, screwdrivers, crowbars, and pliers, I don't think that's too bad!

I underestimate myself quite a bit. While I wish I was financially able to pay people to do my dirty work, but I can't. There's something to be said about doing it yourself. I don't think I'd appreciate the beauty of my completely transformed living room if I hadn't lost some blood in the process (FYI, William lost some blood too, but only because he was playing with the tape measure). I really never thought I was cut out to do this type of manual labor, but I guess I am. I'm proud of myself today.

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Laura said...

I am very proud of you!!! I want to see pics of the newly remodeled room.