Thursday, October 25, 2007

There's ALOT Goin' On

I've been out of commission for a while, but here's everything I've been wanting to tell y'all:

Kathy Griffin Is AMAZING, Oh, and I Fell
I had the great pleasure of visiting Chicago this past weekend, for the main purpose of seeing Kathy Griffin, but also to visit my old college roomie. We had a great visit. We went out Friday night to Rush Street, after leaving the stupid bar that stupidly closed at 2:00 in search of a bar that stayed open later (mama needs to drink), I'm telling my friend, "You know, I ALWAYS fall in these shoes," BAM, I bit it. Right on the corner, with everyone watching. My purse broke and the guy behind me said "I'm gonna follow you all night, just so I can see THAT happen again!" Asshole. So there you have it, I have fallen recently, fortunately, no injuries, just my purse that hopefully my mommy can fix.

The next night, we headed to the dinner then the Chicago Theater for Kathy Griffin for a show to start at 10:30. Mind you, 10:30 was already pretty late, but when we got there, there was a line out front that went around the block-in both directions-which we had to wait in for approximately 45 minutes. Luckily, it wasn't too hot or too cold and we happened to be in just the right spot to see Padma, Dale and Gayle from Top Chef get out of their car. I about shit my pants, I was jumping up and down and probably made too big of a deal of it, as the gays we were talking to pretty much didn't talk to us after that.

The show was FANTASTIC, I recommend it for anyone who loves her brand of comedy. I didn't even remember we had to wait for forever to see her.

Hi, My Name's Rebecca, And I'm an Inappropriate Toucher
I tend to believe that I'm friends with strangers, more so than they do. Regarding the above referenced gays, I didn't mention that I grabbed one of their arms while jumping up and down. Maybe that's why they didn't talk to us any more?!

In Von Mauer on Monday, I bought some Clinique and then found out that Bonus started on Wednesday. This always happens to me. So, the lady very graciously offered for me to order some more items and she'd send them. I told her, no, I'd come back. Then I basically had to fill out all of the same stuff, so I told her to just send it. I then called myself retarded. To make things more awkward, I touched her arm and told her thanks, she been very helpful. I don't think the touch was well received. To make matters worse, after I left, I heard my name over the loud speaker to go back to the cosmetics area. Were they going to arrest me? No, they just needed the expiration from my card, duh.

I Know I Love My TiVo....
Since I had the stomach flu for a few days, I've spent my week in bed watching TV. I actually also needed the time to catch up on everything I'd TiVo'd over the last few weeks (my body knows when I need to catch up on TiVo). I was watching an episode of Pushing Daisies and saw a commercial for an Elton John concert. Phone in hand, I'm ready to call and get tickets, if need be, for myself only. Then I see the date, October 12. I'm going through my mental calendar, do I have anything on that date. Well, I did, but it was also over two weeks ago. Damn it.

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