Monday, October 8, 2007

Held Hostage in Africa

We were in Kansas City for the weekend for a friend's birthday party and I decided to make a weekend out of it and take Will to the zoo. The Kansas City zoo is deceptively GINORMOUS. We were having fun, doing the little things, then we get to "Africa" and realize there's no easy way out. It was hot, hot, hot, and all of the snack places were closed for the season. To add to the mess, it was apparently monsoon season in Africa. Did I mention my friend had her five-month-old little sweet baby in his not-waterproof stroller? We had nowhere to go. Eventually we made our way to the tram and got back to Kansas City. Whew!

It was a fun day, however. Will and I rode a camel, I had a Larakeet on my head and shoulder, we saw baboons go apeshit on a zoo guest, watched a gorilla get fed, fell in love with meerkats, and, even though I was wearing flip flops in the rain, no accidents!!

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