Thursday, October 4, 2007

You're Never Too Old to Try New Things

Fortunately for me (and not for you) I haven't been injured in a long time, despite ample opportunity! I think it's like how a watched pot doesn't boil. I've even taken to trying all types of new things I've never done/had before! I'm almost 30, I'd better get everything in before I enter the "elderly" category! Many things I've already talked about on my blog, but the list is impressive (according to me!):
  • I tried chicken/hot/buffalo wings. Not sure what they're actually called, but since they can be dipped in ranch, I love 'em!
  • I jumped/swam/tubed/boated in lake for the first time. I didn't die and I should probably apply for Survivor! However there is some weird deadly amoeba that lurks in lakes, swims up through your nose into your brain. Mostly in Texas, Florida, and Arizona, so I may steer clear of lakes in those states.
  • I wore sensible shoes to a football tailgate---it makes a world of difference.
  • I ate ribs. Probably won't do it again, but at least I tried.
  • I changed a lock, not once, but twice. My sister stayed at my house for the weekend and when I came home, she said the deadbolt didn't work. Fixed, no problem, I'm a pro!
  • Went to a Boy Scout meeting (for my son)!
  • Will played on the Burger King playground equipment and I didn't freak out and tell him he was going to die of germs! I kind of forgot about germs. We've both had a cold ever since, so I think I'll try to remember next time.
  • I've been drinking beer instead of mixed drinks. Not always, but I'm trying to stick with the "Liquor before beer you're in the clear; beer before liquor, you've never been sicker" rule. If I'm someplace where beer is served (like an outdoor festival or concert) I'll drink the beer and stick with it. I even have some beer in my fridge (left over from home improvement projects).

I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm not set in my ways, I'm young, vibrant, and the world is my oyster!!!


Kelly Moore said...

It all started with her first trip to Wal-Mart... commonfolk ever sense.

Becky Bec said...

Well if that's how you see it, maybe I should stay in my ivory tower to protect my reputation ;)