Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I should probably get my shit together

So today I was reading an old People magazine with some interesting info:
1) That Harry Potter boy has already made like 32 mil and he's just 21.
2) Charlie Sheen's fiance (a "real estate investor") is 29. BTW, Charlie Sheen is 41, kind of gross, just 'cause it's Charlie Sheen.
3) There is a book...can't remember the details...and the author is 29.

And other things I've discovered recently:
4) My friend Mere has a job where she could travel to Argentina, she's 29.
5) Pretty much all my friends are REALLY successful in their own right.

So what's my problem? How come I can't get my shit together?

I try to remember what I used to dream of doing, being a lawyer, an event planner...then I stall (except for wanting to be an astronaut, not very realistic). When did I stop dreaming? Probably when I got hit with the big fly swatter that is reality. I know being a single mom seems like an excuse, but it is my reality. Which means law school is 10x more difficult (yes I know it can be done, but I don't feel like it), and event planning requires a lot of weekends, which is kind of "our" time. So what's a girl to do? I think about writing, fiction, nonfiction, you name it....but no computer (not the worlds biggest obstacle, one I can perhaps overcome).

That being said....I'm 29. I should get my shit figured out. Apparently, it's not going to happen magically, as I had hoped. Any suggestions?


Kelly Moore said...

Yes, a reality show staring YOU!

Becky Bec said...

From your mouth to God's ears :)