Monday, August 6, 2007

I went out in high heels...

And didn't get hurt this weekend!!!!!! Can you believe it? I wore the shoes that I usually fall in, especially when walking on pavement, and I didn't fall! My friend Hannah and I were out and she was like "Be careful, don't fall" and sure enough, I didn't! But I was being extra careful, so props to me for realizing my weaknesses!

So while not falling this weekend, Hannah and I went to the casino and while I was off obtaining drinks, not really taking the Black Jack seriously, my new friend, whose name remains unknown, was betting the fortune thing on my behalf, and low and behold, when I got back, he said "We won!" and I was kind of distracted, so I said "great" half-heartedly until he pointed at the chips....we won like $250 or something!!! Of course we split it, but I was soooo excited! This probably would not have happened if I'd stayed at the table.

Anyway, I realized I'm in love with my new friend and I don't even know his name! Guess I have to go back to the casino!

Could the tides be turning for me? Perhaps?

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