Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NEW Injuries to Report!!

While I haven't had any major accidents in a while (knock on pavement), I have had a few stupid minor injuries:

1) My parents have a new bowl sink in their small downstairs bathroom. When I bent down to pull up my pants, I hit my head on the marble sink. I am officially an idiot.

2) Hit my head on the car getting in. Bugs are harder to get in than they look.

3) Last night, while doing the dishes (well, only half of the dishes--I'm too lazy to really complete the whole task), I sliced my thumb when I was cleaning my pizza cutter. I am officially an idiot, I should no longer be allowed to do dishes :).

That's it for now, however, tonight, I'll be planting some plants and picking pears. There's sure to be a story there!!

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