Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Sleep has never come easily to me. Even with my Tylenol PM addiction, I still find it hard to sleep most nights (I don't want to talk about why). So my mind frequently wanders and I think of all types of different things. The other night, I went into "What would I do if I won the PowerBall?" That was the wrong thing to think about because I got all riled up with the possibilities of an unlimited cash flow!

I would travel. I know that for a fact. In fact, I may even take William out of school for a year to travel everywhere. We'd probably get totally sick of each other after about two weeks (read: two days), but if I took him out of school, I'd have to stick that commitment out! We'd hit up Europe, Australia for sure, Hawaii, and basically everywhere I've always wanted to go. We'd treat my parents to a trip or two to meet us along the way and I'm sure I'd do the same for my friends.

I don't think I'd buy a big flashy car, but I'm easily swayed, so who knows. I would, however, get my parents whatever type of vehicle they wanted. They have hooked me up with some sweet rides my whole life (the only exception being a Dodge Aries), so I would LOVE to repay the favor.

I'd donate to charity.  Favoring charities having to do with domestic violence and single mothers.  I think it would be amazing to start my on non-profit for single moms trying to get back on their feet.  When I purchased my house, that was what I had money for, the house.  We still have hand me down furniture and I'm sure there are other single mothers in the same boat I'm in.

What would you do?

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