Friday, August 21, 2009

What Else?

Our lazy Sunday started of with a bang. First, I figured as long as we were both up, we should probably try to make it to 11:00 mass. I get in the shower, do my thing, turn the shower off, when my hand held shower head falls, narrowly missing my foot. I put it back up, and tell Will to be careful when he is taking his shower. I should have known better. The poor little boy was painfully struck in the arm by the offending shower head. After soothing my poor angel, we were off to church and all was fine. While at church (during mass) my mom invited us over for dinner, which solved my least favorite question every day...."What's for dinner?"

At my parents' for dinner, I took my last bite of lasagna and tasted what I believed to be pork. I asked my mom and she said, "Oh, I forgot that you don't eat that." Yeah right. I could already feel my stomach churning. To repay her, I made off with her crazy glue.

At home, after getting a little sick, I decided to fix the shower head with the crazy glue. Except, you know what happens when you steal crazy glue from your parents? It's totally dried up and breaks in half when you squeeze it. Of course. I found some caulk and thought that might work, so I put it on and moved on to my next project.

Let me just tell you, my pear tree is the bane of my existence. I don't even like pears. However, it provides the only shade in my backyard, so it's staying. These damn pears fall everywhere and my dad was going to come over and mow the lawn the next day, so I had to pick up a weeks worth of fallen pears. Easy enough, sure, but if you take into account the five wasps on each pear, not to mention the swarm of flies, this is a difficult task. I was using gardening gloves, a child's rake and a child's shovel. I'm sure it was pretty amusing to any onlookers. Just as I've sprayed everything with Raid, I hear William yelling in the house, "Mom, the toilet's overflowing!" With Raid on my shoes, I run into the house to plunge William's handywork. Fortunately, it wasn't really overflowing, but it definitely needed a good plunging. I resumed my pear project and after about four bee stings, I kicked the remaining pears into the mulch and called it a day. But my house had other plans for me that night.

After a little rest, I went to wash my face and realized my bathroom sink was completely clogged. So, I went to remove the obstructions (hair), but no luck. I decide to be an adventurous homeowner and take apart the pipes underneath the sink. This sounds like a recipe for disaster, right!?! Actually, it went pretty well. I took all of the pipes apart, cleaned them out (all the while, still getting a little sick from my dinner) and put everything back together, with very little mess. I tell William to hit the water and it goes down....and then it comes back up. By now it's about 10:00 at night and I've had it. I did, however, keep it together. I called my dad, but he was already tucked in for the night, so I decided it would have to wait. We used the tub spout to wash our hands, but I just couldn't bring myself brush my teeth and spit it into the tub, so we filled up the sink a little more.

By this point, the bathroom rug was pretty gross, so I threw it in the washing machine. As I'm just about to fall asleep, I hear the loudest noise (ca-chunk, ca-chunk) from my basement. Apparently, if you have one item in the washer, it throws the thing off balance while it's spinning. Who knew? As it turns out, this problem remedies itself after a couple other loads (or at least I think it did).

By the time I wake up Monday, the sink has gone down a little, and I think we're good to go. My dad says he'll put some drain cleaner in it and try a couple other things (that he found on the Internet-I'm sure). Well, $107 later and two guys, two hours my drain was unclogged. Apparently, there was years and years worth of build up in my pipes (that's what she said), and this problem could not have been avoided. Oh, and I had to replace the shower head too.

Really, I think this is why I should get married. While I handled everything, it would have been much easier to pass it on to my husband so I could watch TV uninterrupted.


mooney said...

I'm proud of you, missy. That is a lot of house drama, and you didn't fall apart!

Becky Bec said...

I know! I was really proud that I didn't lose it! I wonder if I'm maturing?