Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who Says Costumes are Fun?

Halloween has been a real nightmare for me this year. William is at such an "inbetween" age. At first he wanted to be something from Star Wars, but I vetoed that because that's not cute. Then he wanted to be a pirate. Well all of the pirate costumes are really cheap looking and thin and stupid. So we settled on a dinosaur. After unsuccessfully bidding on eBay for several dinosaur costumes, we went back to the Internet for ideas. You'd be surprised the costumes they have out there for little boys. To name a few:

Soul Taker
Death Scream
Axe Murderer
Gladiator of Doom
Sailor of Death
Jack the Ripper
Death Eater
Captain Sea Plague
Corpse Klown (sic)
Lord Dark Skull
and my favorite....
Child Pimp

A pimp. Seriously? What's he going to say when he goes to some one's door "Yo, trick, where's my treat?"

Needless to say, William will be none of the above. Stay posted...we may have agreed on a costume concept that fulfills both of our requirements!

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Annie said...

That is ridiculous!! I laughed out loud on the "Yo, trick.." comment...good one. But seriously what ever happened to cute animals and superheros? The dino is a good choice, and please put pictures up from Halloween, I would love to see him.